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Advanced Manufacturing

Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing

Sunderland is a world leader in advanced manufacturing capabilities. 

From our industrial roots in coal, glass and shipbuilding, we stand today as a prominent centre for advanced manufacturing and innovation, harbouring some of the best employable talent of today and tomorrow. 

With a thriving hub of businesses and organisations dedicated to skills, growth and knowledge in advanced manufacturing, engineering and production, our city is the beating heart of Britain's only net exporting region. 

The world-class digital infrastructure and status as a smart city allows Sunderland to grow and connect with businesses in these sectors on a global scale, while attracting talent from across the world, and encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurial inventors.  

Advanced Manufacturing Businesses in Sunderland

Sunderland is known for its global presence in advanced manufacturing, with Nissan being the UK's biggest car plant, employing over 6,000 people. Meanwhile Rolls Royce produces precision components for fuel-efficient aero engines. Liebherr is our exporter of cranes via  Port of Sunderland, continuing Sunderland's maritime heritage, while our future is mapped by the likes of Wessington Cryogenics, whose clients include NASA, to support advancements in space exploration. 

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres

Sunderland is a centre for excellence when it comes to research and development in the future advanced manufacturing, as well as supporting the talent of tomorrow.

Our relationships with some of the UK's most respected research and development centres, as well as local educational institutions, allow us to connect with the best talent in the advanced manufacturing industry, and cater to a broad range of sector needs.

University of Sunderland offers postgraduate research degrees across a variety of specialty disciplines while the new Enterprise and Innovation Hub includes the North East's only FabLab; here digital fabrication is made possible and provides a  range of capabilities for businesses to utilise.

The Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) is also a leading centre for international research while the Skills Academy for Sustainable Manufacturing and Innovation (SASMI) resides in the city, providing training for sustainable and low-carbon technologies that contribute to our leadership in electric vehicle research and production. 

Our Talent in the Sector

Almost a fifth of employment in Sunderland is in advanced manufacturing. More than 115,000 people in the North East work in manufacturing roles, including 69,000 specialist workers employed in advanced manufacturing. Our workforce is ever growing with more than half the students at our region's universities studying STEM subjects.

This paves the way for a bright future in advanced manufacturing industries, and continuing success in these sectors for our region.

Invest in Sunderland's Advanced Manufacturing Excellence

Our strengths in the key sector of automotive and manufacturing research, development and production makes Sunderland a great place to invest in these industries. 

From our loyal and skilled workforce, to our existing business opportunities, first-class workplaces and ever-expanding knowledge, Sunderland is crucial to the future of advanced manufacturing. 

To find out how Sunderland is leading the way in advanced manufacturing and electrification read our Sunderland case studies brochure.

Sunderland offers skills, space, and specialist industry support. Talk to our Business Investment Team about growing your business in Sunderland's advanced manufacturing sectors. 

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