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A fully engaged partner with the city, its industry and its business leaders, the University of Sunderland adds value to every investment in Sunderland.

From pioneering research using innovative graphene-based polymer composites in cars, creating the next generation of super-light, super-efficient vehicles, to using big data and informatics for business and management, the University of Sunderland ensures the city remains at the cutting edge of manufacturing, software development, and technology.

The university’s International Centre for Research in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (RISE) brings together research capabilities within the Faculty of Business and Law to work with businesses on short and long term projects. These range from sustainability audits to strategic work on cultural and governance change. Specialisms include the management of technology and innovation, technological entrepreneurship, human resource strategy, financial and marketing strategy, as well as knowledge management, organisational learning and leadership.

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Research in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (RISE)