Sunderland is a manufacturing powerhouse with a global presence. Home to the UK’s biggest and most productive car plant, the city is a European centre for electric vehicle research and production, and expertise in advanced manufacturing extends across aerospace and turbo technologies.

In software and data technology Sunderland sustains innovative and ambitious companies, from gaming studios to online retail support.

Contact centre is a key sector, with blue-chip brands making repeat investments, benefitting from the city’s expert and loyal workforce.

Production of Nissan Juke and Qashqai in Sunderland

Home to Nissan and Infiniti, Sunderland produces 0.5m cars each year, has tier one auto suppliers exporting worldwide, and a broad-based advanced manufacturing sector.

Advisor working in contact centre

Sunderland is home to leading brands across banking, insurance and utilities, supporting national centres of excellence offering specialist business support services.

Adam Hill, Consult and Design, Sunderland Software Centre

From software and game development to technology research, Sunderland offers specialist business support, a skilled workforce, sector-specific office space and a thriving university.