l to r: UK Independent Medical’s Chris Nairns, Alan Ballard, Dr Les Smith with Cllr Graeme Miller, Sunderland City Council

UK Independent Medical boosting good health for businesses success

Sunderland-based UK Independent Medical, a nationwide leader in providing medical reports, is launching a new division which will create ten new jobs this year and another 30 jobs next year.

Founded in 2003, UK Independent Medical (UKIM) serves the medico-legal market, providing independent medical evidence to the courts, medical regulators and other sectors. It employs over 120 people at its Houghton-le-Spring HQ.

The new Occupational Health and Wellbeing division will focus on businesses of all sizes, providing services to protect employees and maintain their quality of life through occupational therapy, absence management, return to work programmes, advice counselling and wider psychological interventions.

The new division’s Lead Medical Officer, Dr Les Smith, member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (Royal College of Physicians UK) and a renowned expert in occupational health, is leading clinical governance.

Across the UK, it is believed that 45% of all employees currently have no access to occupational therapy support.  UKIM’s new division seeks to fill that gap, with a tech driven facility to enable maximum access and efficiency. The team will input detailed information digitally that they will be able to assess much more quickly.

Alan Ballard, UKIM Partnership Director, said: “What sets the UKIM occupational health and wellbeing division apart is our biopsychosocial model which considers all aspects of employee health and advises employers on occupational health, including fitness for work and wellness activities.  I’m excited at the potential of this division, which could transform the outlook of companies in the short and longer-term.”

UKIM believes the new division will have a powerful impact on client companies by clarifying areas of concern, and providing solutions that will tackle absenteeism and fitness for work. It will also create powerful health metrics to enable companies to see firmwide patterns to address in employee health along the journey to improved productivity.

The aim of the new division is to make lives safer, healthier and happier for working people.  The new department will include a clinic hub housing 40 dedicated, trained helpdesk staff. UKIM will support customer companies, helping them in setting up systems for wellness activities.

UKIM has a rapid growth business plan for the Occupational Health and Wellbeing division, and forecasts that it will bring in £1 million of revenue in its first year.

Sunderland City Council’s Business Investment Team has worked with UKIM for many years, advising and supporting the company.

Cllr Graeme Miller, Leader of Sunderland City Council said: “The constant innovation that hallmarks UKIM’s growth in Sunderland has led to the launch of a new service which will potentially benefit many thousands of working people across the country.

“The council led Workplace Health Alliance is currently working with businesses to deliver preventative workplace health support, and UKIM’s new service complements this. It’s great news for the region and UK and we wish the Occupational Health and Wellbeing division every success.”