Martin Williams, managing director of Saggezza.

Sunderland tech firm supports expansion of London fashion business

A North East-based technology firm has supported the expansion of a London fashion specialist into the customisation of face masks.

Sunderland firm Saggezza has partnered with fashion tech company YR to launch its new mask customisation business.

Founded in 2013 in London, YR specialises in the customisation of garments, and has worked with brands such as Levi’s, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Toyota, Oreo and Nickelodeon.

Saggezza, which is based in Sunderland Software Centre, has supported the firm to launch its new business to meet a growing demand for customised protective clothing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Martin Williams, managing director of Saggezza, commented: “What we are seeing among our clients is a shift to digital-first engagement with customers – in retail, for example, Covid-19 means that customers are less able to or less keen to visit a physical store, and consequently they want to do more sophisticated things online.

“This move means that companies like Saggezza – which was founded to support clients to get the most out of data, and maximise digitisation – are uniquely placed to enable businesses to develop innovative new systems and assets to grow their business.

“The YR Masks site is a perfect example of us enabling a client to get the most out of digital, taking the company’s product innovation and coupling it with an intuitive, easy-to-use website that allows consumers to take control over the look of the product they buy.”