Sunderland Features in US Wall Street Journal

Last week the North-East featured in the Wall Street Journal Insight supplement, showcasing the regions growing software and digital sector. With Sunderland playing host to a thriving technology cluster due to investments by the City Council, such as incubator hubs Sunderland Software Centre and Evolve, offering a digital infrastructure to support small, medium and large businesses grow. Furthermore, there was also recognition for the region’s growing talent pool with university graduates helping to support the cities digital offering. The report also featured ‘Saggezza’, the latest international software organisation to relocate to Sunderland.

There is growing commercial awareness that the UK offers US companies a unique opportunity,  by leading the world in doing business on-line, seen as the underlying reason why more than 10,000 new tech firms opening for business in the UK last year. And not only is much of Silicon Valley aware of it, it is helping stimulate it, investing close to up to $2 billion in UK firms last year. The city has much to offer this growing sector having achieved the second highest digital turnover growth in the UK outside London with £118m, people working in the sector has grown 26% over the last four years with 7,117 jobs in the sector in the city and a GVA of £157m.