New smoothie bar set to shake up Seaburn with wellbeing hub

An urban retail development in Seaburn has announced that a new smoothie bar will be moving into its seafront complex.

STACK Seaburn has reported that So Smooth Co. will be taking one of its shipping container units, offering what it calls a “health and wellbeing hub”.

The company’s smoothies and other products are blended using natural ingredients and contain most of a customer’s ‘five a day’, and it plans to work alongside community sports, fitness and health clubs to provide a wellbeing hub.

Callum Christie, co-founder of So Smooth, commented: “We have been working with a nutritionist for over 10 months to understand what can make our Super Smoothies taste so good whilst still containing so much goodness.

“Our product has been developed to provide substantial benefits which include increased energy levels, immune boosting and fat burning.

“The ingredients we use can also aid with digestion and even help with blood pressure whilst also improving your hair and skin.”

“Our vision is huge, and we felt that STACK was the perfect location, being right on the seafront, to begin our journey and bring our vision to life.

“We will be providing weekly detox plans, fitness sessions and looking at ways we can provide nutritional and mental health advice to the local community.”

Neill Winch, CEO of Danieli Group, which operates STACK, added: “We are delighted to welcome So Smooth CO. to our STACK community.

“When recruiting new tenants, it has always been at the forefront of our mind to have a wellbeing hub and to ensure our tenants are a good fit for the venue and the local area.

“The seafront location is very popular amongst walkers, runners, cyclists and swimmers and we are sure they will welcome this type of business opening at STACK.

“We hope that this addition will provide some great health benefits to our customers."