Cllr Graeme Miller of Sunderland City Council (centre) with Daniel Hopper (left) and Jonathan Golightly of One Energy Solutions.

Fast-growing energy company moves to Washington Business Centre

One Energy Solutions, a fast-growing energy consultancy, has moved into Washington Business Centre as part of its expansion plans. The company plans to recruit more than 20 skilled employees in the next 18 months.

The company has been operational for 18 months. Daniel Hopper and Jonathan Golightly plan to use their sixteen years of US and UK energy consultancy experience to revolutionise the way businesses use energy.

The company’s comprehensive tailormade solutions to energy consumption, purchasing strategies and efficient use of power is winning them a raft of new customers across the private and public sectors, including manufacturing companies, charities, hospitals, shops, multinationals and farms.

One Energy Solutions has pioneered three sector-specific energy initiatives. The Energy for Industry Initiative focuses on the transportation and transmission of gas and electricity. The Hospitality Initiative helps with monitoring and load management advice as well as bespoke purchasing strategies. The Agricultural Initiative assists farms by improving their energy efficiency output, and lowering overall cost by reducing time and waste across sites.

It has grown to six employees in its first year, and aims to grow to 30 employees in the next 18 months.

One Energy Solution’s managing director, Daniel Hopper, said: “We focus on a high-quality operation, and aim to build long term relationships with customers. Energy is a massive issue across all businesses, and we work with them to help them use it more wisely, efficiently and economically.

“Fifty four per cent of UK energy is wasted, and this country is a net importer of energy. Our priority is to tackle this costly waste, cut energy use, and maximise its efficiency.”

One Energy Solutions chose Washington Business Centre because of the location and the choice of office space.  Daniel Hopper said: “When we set up, we had a small office in Jarrow. Now we are growing, we need the accessibility and size offered by Washington Business Centre. We know Sunderland has ambitious plans to grow its business sectors, and Washington is an important location for manufacturers, so it suits us well.”

Cllr Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council said: “Energy use is at the top of the agenda, not only in the UK but worldwide, and I’m delighted that One Energy Solutions is leading the way in finding practicable, positive solutions for businesses, and doing so from Washington Business Centre. 

“Sunderland is attracting more and more highly skilled jobs, which help to boost the productivity of our wider business sector. I hope One Energy Solutions continues to grow strongly from its new base.”