Katie Storey, owner of Storey Media.

‘Storey-writer’ enters new chapter with growing business

A creative writer and voice coach is moving onto a new chapter for her business, after setting up in Sunderland Software Centre.

Katie Storey, who trained as a journalist and has worked for BBC, Channel 4, and local radio station Sun FM, set up her business Storey Media in January. And now, the talented communicator has moved into the city’s incubator hub Sunderland Software Centre, as she looks to take her company to the next level. 

Racking up clients including businesses from Leeds, Manchester, London and even as far afield as Colorado – and with a new project that will see her writing for Forbes Magazine - the business has grand ambitions for the new year, with plans to add to her team.

Katie, who grew up in Sunderland and studied at the University’s St Peter’s Campus, before securing her first job in London, said: “Taking the leap to self-employment at the start of the year was a really big step, but it’s the best decision I have ever made.

“I have very quickly been able to build up an amazing portfolio of clients and there is a definite sense of momentum which is really exciting.

“We’ve established clients across the UK and support them with a range of services, from creative content writing, PR and voice coaching. The voice coaching area of the business is one that I believe has great potential, particularly working with younger people to support them in building life and confidence skills that will help them secure employment.”

She added: “I am really keen to start working with more colleges and universities to support them with training around confidence and presentation skills. It’s an area that I think young people really struggle with and I see an opportunity to help.”

Katie hopes to apply her skills in presenting to ensure young people are equipped with the confidence and tools to sell themselves to prospective employers.

“I’ve worked as a broadcast journalist for more than a decade, and a key part of that role is the ability to speak with confidence and to articulate ideas clearly and simply. While universities and colleges do a fantastic job of equipping students with technical skill and expertise in their subject area, often, it’s the softer skills, that employers are looking for, that they miss; confidence and communication.”

As well as training students, Katie has been able to work with a large number of senior executives to provide media training and voice coaching.  She has, herself, been through elocution lessons, meaning she can impart her knowledge on clients. 

“I’ve been on the other side of the microphone, so I know what a good interview sounds like.  That’s invaluable, when offering support.”

Katie has been supported by Sunderland Software City, an organisation based in the centre that helps businesses to maximise the use of technology to further their business.  The Software Centre is home to Sunderland Software City, a Digital Catapult and the council’s Business Investment Team, to support tenants as they seek to grow their business.

Councillor Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “Our Software Centre is a supportive environment in which businesses can set up and flourish.  We offer a raft of support to companies to help them succeed in Sunderland and this is paying dividends, with companies like  Storey Media getting off to a fantastic start. 

“Our three business centres, Evolve, Sunderland Software Centre and Washington Business Centre offer a range of spaces of all shapes and sizes, for businesses to start, set up and grow, with the ancillary support we have in place, that’s why we have seen such success in the creative, digital and tech fields, with the second fastest digital turnover growth in the UK, outside London.”

To find out more about Sunderland’s burgeoning software sector, visit or call 0191 561 1194 or follow @MakeItSund. Or for more on Storey Media, visit