Why Sunderland?

Sunderland is a manufacturing powerhouse with a global presence. Home to the UK’s biggest and most productive car plant, the city is a European centre for electric vehicle research and production, and expertise in advanced manufacturing extends across aerospace and turbo technologies.

In software and data technology Sunderland sustains innovative and ambitious companies, from gaming studios to online retail support.

Financial and customer services is a key sector, with blue-chip brands making repeat investments, benefitting from the city’s expert and loyal workforce.

Sunderland attracts business, including more than 91 internationally-owned companies originating in 19 territories and employing more than 25,940 people.

With great road and rail links, an international airport connected by metro to city centre, and a sea port minutes from open water, Sunderland brings business close to markets worldwide.

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a developer looking for opportunities, or a manufacturer aiming to relocate and expand, talk to the Business Investment Team about why you should MAKE it Sunderland.

A city by the sea

Sunderland’s ambition for its economic future is matched by its vision for its people and their quality of life.

A great place to live

A £1.5bn opportunity

Sunderland is building itself a bright new future with £1.5bn of private and public investment by 2024.

A great place to invest

Sunderland Software Centre

Spaces for Business

From hi-tech hubs to hybrid units, from city centre to out of town, Sunderland has space for your business.

Nissan Infiniti

Success Stories

See how Sunderland breeds business success across key sectors, from new starters to Nissan.

Siglion Vaux Site

Sites and Opportunities

£1.553bn of private and public money is being invested in Sunderland, creating opportunity for all.