Chapelgarth masterplan

“This is about building a community for the future, and will breathe new life into this area of Sunderland.”

Councillor Graeme Miller
Leader, Sunderland City Council


Chapelgarth is an exciting new housing development of up to 750 homes over 45 hectares, landscaped around village-style neighbourhoods with access to woodland and green areas.

On a site near Doxford Park, the plans include a number of new green spaces, surrounded by existing trees and hedgerows with a network of footpaths and play areas for children.

The 45-hectare site also includes a community area, with space for shops and services such as a doctor’s surgery and community centre. 

Chapelgarth will supply a need for new, high quality family and executive housing in the city, with great access to the road network, the city centre, and the countryside.

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