Sunderland is open for business, open to business. It offers a remarkable range of opportunities in a city with entrepreneurial spirit and international ambition.

MAKE it Sunderland is the business support and inward investment campaign supported by Sunderland City Council.

The aim of MAKE it Sunderland is to attract, encourage and nurture successful enterprises across key sectors, including automotive, advanced manufacturing, software, technology, offshore and renewable energies and business support services. 

MAKE it Sunderland. Because investing in Sunderland is a low risk, high reward opportunity for any business.

Sunderland Software Centre

Spaces for Business

From hi-tech hubs to hybrid units, from city centre to out of town, Sunderland has space for your business.

Nissan Infiniti

Success Stories

See how Sunderland breeds business success across key sectors, from new starters to Nissan.

Siglion Vaux Site

Sites and Opportunities

£1.553bn of private and public money is being invested in Sunderland, creating opportunity for all.